During the spring festival holiday at home, I heard from my mom that there was a children’s home in her working place, in which were full of abandoned children by their parents because of born intellectual defects, and all of them were under the age of 18. Suddenly, I got the idea of visiting them and checking about their living condition. 

When I first met them, I found that their lives were quite boring, and I was wondering what spring was like in their hearts. 

It was soon the season of spring, a season for the revivification of nature, and I indeed hoped that they can feel about the soon coming spring. Therefore, I gave them a class, and the contents were “What is Spring?”I believed that the spring in their eyes must be different from that of the normal kids. 

Of course, I needed to give guidance to them in the class, telling them what we had in spring, and then leading them to imagine. 

Through their paintings, I saw the beautiful thoughts of spring in their hearts. Besides, the drawings they produced also expressed my hope to these kids. I hope that the society could pay more attention and offer my help to them, so that they can feel our concerns and cares. 

It holds the same purpose of attracting more attention form more people to this group of neglected to extract elements, create the works and present it to everyone. Through the works, people can observe that these disabled orphans possess the same innocent and pure heart and the desire to a beautiful life, though they don’t share the same kind of childhood with the parents-beloved children.